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Days I work from home, I’m so productive.  It’s nice, especially when completing paperwork, to be able to do so without interruptions.  But sometimes, I am tempted to fluff off and play instead.  Mostly because of Chloe.  The photo above was taken by me while sitting at my office desk.  … Read More

In Memoriam

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As you may already know, Purpleheart Art, Vermont gives a portion of yearly proceeds to two charities: my local Rutland County Humane Society, and Operation Homefront. Growing up on a horse farm featuring lots of remarkable animals in addition to horses, I have always had a love for animals.  The … Read More

Classy and Fabulous

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I love Vermont.  I also love fashion. When I first moved to Vermont from Boston, it was an easy transition.  Going from the hustle-bustle of city life to the quiet, simple life of country living was something I had been ready for for a while. However, my wardrobe was not … Read More

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