Heather Wilson Cable

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I am an artist inspired by... well, everything.  People.  Landscapes.  Dogs.  All animals, really.  My wonderful Husband.  My home in Vermont.  Truly, EVERYTHING I experience inspires my work in some way!

I grew up on a horse farm in Connecticut, then eventually migrated to Boston where I worked in Theatre.  While I loved the work, the lifestyle wasn't for me.  I eventually ended up in Vermont, where there are farms everywhere - you can take the girl out of the farm but you just can't every really take the farm out of the girl, I guess.

Visual art is a much better fit for me than performance art.  I can take my time with the work, and can paint in my jeans, sans make-up -- much easier than theatre work!

I initially worked in acrylic on small canvas boards as well as recycled vintage and antique objects. As my tastes grew, I expanded my mediums to include ink, pencil, and pastels. The size of my creations has increased, now including canvases of all shapes and sizes, and even a few wall murals for my own and other's homes. Later, I combined my love of art with letter writing to create stationery and cards. My stationery, made with help from a local, small printer in Vermont, turns my own original artwork into high-quality cards and other items, available on Etsy.  Be sure to check out our newest addition, high quality art PRINTS of my own original artwork!  These are also American made, in Texas.

Life is ridiculous and hectic, but beautiful and calm, too.  I try to capture it all!  Please enjoy, and visit again soon.

Artist Heather Cable is dedicated to creating high quality art, art prints, and cards. Inspiration comes from everywhere: Animals. People - past and present. Landscapes. Other Art... you name it! Heather is further dedicated to giving back to our local and national communities. To that end, a portion of all proceeds are donated to support several local and national charities, everyday. THANK YOU for supporting them when you support HEATHER and PURPLEHEART ART, VERMONT!!
Please visit the ETSY store to see our available items, including original artwork, high quality art prints, cards, and ornaments. ALSO: I LOVE COMMISSIONS!!! Custom artwork is my specialty -- please feel free to contact me any time for a custom order inquiry.  I may be contacted through this site, or feel free to e-mail me: hwilsoncable@gmail.com.  Also follow on instagram: @hwilsoncable and #hwilsoncable

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