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Purpleheart Art, Vermont is GROWING, Friends!!

Now, in addition to Etsy, we also have items available at Amazon!

I never thought I’d have my items showing in two places.  I’m thrilled!  We only have a few items up so far, but they’re some really FUN ones!  Here’s a sneek preview of some prints we have available:

This margarita print has always been a favorite of mine!  Here’s where to find it at Amazon… and Etsy!!  Just in time for Cinco de Mayo!

Martini, anyone?  Here are the Amazon and Etsy links!  These two would be lonely without the other two members of their set:

Highball time!  Available at Amazon and Etsy, along with…  a nice, relaxing glass of red wine:

Again, available at Amazon and Etsy!  These are a GREAT DEAL at either store: just $15.00 plus $5.95 shipping!  They make a fabulous gift and I’m so happy to say these prints are made right here in the USA!  I found a great, family-owned and operated printer in Texas and their work is outstanding AND affordable.  Lucky, lucky, lucky!

So, please give us a look when you next visit Amazon!  Or Etsy!  OR BOTH!!!



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