Christmas?!? It’s not even Halloween!!

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For folks like me, thinking about Christmas and Holiday Time starts EARLY.  In order to have my Holiday Gifts, Ornaments, and Stationery ready to sell, I need to be thinking about December in June… and painting things like this when it’s not even Halloween:

I LOVE making ornaments!  But I LOVE Halloween, too!  So it’s a little hard to stay focused, sometimes.  I think that’s why this happened:

Proof that Black Cats are great as models for all Holiday themes, not just Halloween!  I’ve been busy painting lately.

I almost don’t recognize myself!  I didn’t know I could look so serious.  Here’s a few more ornaments, coming to Etsy soon:

Stay tuned… more updates coming SOON!  AND some information on how to shop Purpleheart Art, Vermont in person!


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