Christmastime is Here

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It happens every year.

I make ornaments to sell, and there are always one or two I just can’t bear to part with.  This year, it was these two:

I call these my “Santa Mazzy” and “Santa Chloe” ornaments.  It’s so silly that I couldn’t bear to part with them, since I get to see their real faces every day:

Feast your eyes on this adorable face!  She makes me smile all the time, just looking at her.   Then, there’s this little lady:

Just how did I get so lucky?

Dogs are the BEST.  No question.  And rescue dogs are the BEST of the BEST in my humble opinion!

So why did I call this blog update “Christmastime Is Here”…?… Oh yeah, because it started out with me not being able to sell the Christmas ornaments for which Mazzy and Chloe modeled. Yes, at the first show I did this month, a very nice lady looked at them.  She was really looking hard.  But I got her to buy some lovely bird ornaments instead.  After which I promptly “hid” the Mazzy and Chloe ornaments so no one else could decide to buy them.

I usually never do such a thing!  I want to share my artwork and make other folks happy.  After all, it’s the season of GIVING!  But this time, I needed to keep them ALL TO MYSELF.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with many opportunities to bring lots of happiness to those you love.  And if you happen to bring yourself a little happiness in the process, EVEN BETTER.


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