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I love Vermont.  I also love fashion.

When I first moved to Vermont from Boston, it was an easy transition.  Going from the hustle-bustle of city life to the quiet, simple life of country living was something I had been ready for for a while.

However, my wardrobe was not ready.  Not by a long shot.

In Boston, I saw all the latest fashions… before they were fashionable.  Whatever was the new thing being worn out on the streets of downtown, that’s what hit the runways and boutiques the following year.  When I lived in Boston, I had already been a VOGUE subscriber for several years and since I always already knew what was going on in the fashion world just by taking a walk down Newbury Street, I never expected I’d come to depend, one-hundred percent, on Vogue to keep me up-to-date on what was being worn.

Then I moved to Vermont.

Vermont is many wonderful things.  Beautiful.  Quiet.  Welcoming.  However, it is NOT concerned with the latest fashions.  It’s one of the things I love about Vermont.  When I moved here, I thought I was ready to leave all that frivolous fashion “stuff” behind.

I was wrong.  Dead wrong.

Now, as I consider myself in the context of this rural, practical environment, I realize how important fashion is to me.  I’m a gal who NEEDS her COUTURE.  As a result, I created the following series I call, “Country Couture”:

It all started with Coco herself —

When it sold out almost immediately, leaving a dear friend sorry he had not moved more quickly on it’s purchase, I did this as a follow up:

Then, just a couple more variations on the main theme:

As the Spring fashion season gets underway, I think I might need another to add to the series… maybe Karl Lagerfeld?  We’ll just have to wait and see… after all, I’m All About Image…


Happy Spring and Happy Fashion, Everyone!


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