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I’m going to a baby shower next week, for two wonderful friends who will be welcoming a baby girl into their lives next month.  Of course, I could always choose a gift from the registry but where’s the fun in that?  Instead, I made a personalized growth chart, just for their baby girl:

I guessed on the subject but noticed most of their registry items share a theme of animals in the wild: cute zebras, owls, elephants, and of course, giraffes!  I knew I wanted to paint a growth chart, and when I saw the nursery theme included giraffes I felt it was perfect.  After all, how many animals are taller than giraffes?

There’s always a little concern when giving a gift not on the registry.  BUT this gift was made especially with my friends and their new baby in mind, AND it’s made with lots of love.  Surely they’ll appreciate that!

Interested in purchasing a custom-made growth chart for a new baby or for a child new to a family? If so, please visit me on Etsy. I’d love to create a unique and heartwarming gift for you!


Have a great week Everyone!!


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