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OK, let’s be honest… is there anyone who DOESN’T love a cowboy?

Oh, sure.  Maybe there’s someone in some far-reaching neck of the woods who has never even heard of a cowboy.  But that’s pretty rare.  Everyone else?  LOVES. COWBOYS.  I’m sure of it.

I myself, am no exception.  My dad was a cowboy.  I grew up a cowgirl (Yes, I love them, too!).  I could ride a horse before I could walk.  Summers when I was a kid? Yep, spent on the back of a horse.  Preferably a fast horse.  Who enjoyed barrel-racing.

What better way to honor all things cowboy than with a cowboy series?  Take a look:

This was the first in my series.  It’s titled, “Lasso”.  Below, the second in my series:

Don’t know that I named this one.  In fact, I think the only one with a name so far is “Lasso”!  Wow, I’d better get on that!  Here’s my cactus:

And my three latest works, which just might complete the series:

And if you’ve got boots, you may need spurs…

Each piece will be available on Etsy very SOON!!!


And now I’m thinking… maybe a COWGIRL series…???…

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