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Halloween… it’s always been my favorite holiday.  I love the idea of everyone dressing up, feeling happy to be someone (or someTHING!) else, for one magical, spooky night.  Halloween is my inspiration for these items, all available NOW at my Etsy store.

I created this original painting, featuring acrylic and pastel, to celebrate Dio de los Muertos.  OK, I guess, technically, this is after Halloween… but certainly close enough!  It’s available as a print, too!

And now, some ladies…

She’s my newest original painting, called “Ivory Shoulders“.  Her print is also available at my Etsy store!

And for those of you who LOVE film noir… I know I’ve shown this before but in keeping with the theme of this blog, here it is…

This black and white print is available in my Etsy store, as is a COLOR version!  The original has been sold but remember — I LOVE CUSTOM ORDERS!!!

Happy Fall, Everyone!!!



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