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Hi Everyone!

I am SO EXCITED the Holiday Season is upon us.  I love the Holidays.  The feeling of sharing and giving permeates every community here in Vermont at this time, no matter what Holiday — or Holidays — one celebrates.

But, it also is the time when Arts and Crafts Fairs are at their best.  Everyone LOVES buying local, especially when it comes to Holiday gifts.  And for me, it’s a great way to meet new people.  Here’s a peek at the flyer for one of my upcoming shows:

As you can see, our local Farmer’s Market is all about local, whether it’s food, arts, crafts, gifts, or all of the above.  I have a LOT more inventory than I did last year, so I recently did a “dry run”, so-to-speak, of my ornament table:

I had new banners made, which I design myself.  SO MUCH FUN.

You can see some of my dining room wall hangings in the back!  The little marble-topped table in front is from my own living room.  Anything I can do to make my little booth unique is a big plus!  Really draws in the crowds.  I think I may place a little notebook on the table, for folks to sign up to my e-mail newsletter, which hasn’t gone live yet, but is definitely in the works.

It’s so much fun to see everything coming together!

For more updates on our in-person venues, visit our Facebook page.  And if you’re in the area, come and see me.  I’d LOVE to meet you!

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