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I love life in Vermont.  The scenery, the people, the four seasons, the New England art and architecture.

But still, a great vacation spot is a welcome change when you just need to get away and see some new sights.  My husband and I just love visiting the island of Bermuda.  Thinking of it recently, I created this painting:


Bermuda is all about color, from the animals to the trees to the flowers and the homes.  This particular painting features a friend we made while on our very first visit to the island.  We bought delicious iced coffees from a small delightful shop on our first morning.  While sitting under a palm tree enjoying them, my husband and I looked up to notice a magnificent yellow cockatoo in the tree above our heads.

The proprietor stepped out a moment to talk with us and noticed we were admiring the bird.  “Oh,” he exclaimed, “That’s Papoose!”  And when he whistled, the bird flew over and landed on his shoulder.  He informed us he had had Papoose for many years and that she came to work with him each morning, enjoying her palm tree and visiting with the many people who frequented the coffee shop.  I had never seen a cockatoo so brilliantly colored!  And she was sweet, too.  I was able to pet her before she flew back into the palm tree.

We did not have the chance to visit Papoose on subsequent visits.  But I will never forget my first introduction to a Bermuda native was to a beautiful bird named Papoose.  This painting is in honor of her!

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