It’s Amazing I Ever Get Anything Done

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Meet Lulu Belle.  She’s a sweet kitten. 

She’s now 1 1/2 years old, but still acts like a kitten.  So we still call her “kitten” on a daily basis.

lulu_painting_4The only problem?  Curiosity.

lulu_painting_3Here’s Lulu, getting into my paints.

lulu_painting_5“Whatcha doin’, Mama Human…  can I do it, too?”

lulu_painting_2She’s so cute, I can’t even get mad at her for getting in the way.  And she’s a sweetheart, too… In her year-and-a-half of life, I’ve never heard her hiss even once!  Which is pretty amazing, considering she lives with two other cats and two large-sized, curious, fun-loving dogs.

lulu_painting_1Well, I suppose she’ll just have to end up as the subject in one of my paintings sooner or later.

Which has probably been her plan all along.

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