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I’ve been busy these last few weeks…

…the end of summer is approaching, and with it I think ahead to fall.  What can I offer this coming season that’s different from what I’ve done before?

I promise I have some new ideas in the making, and while I’ve been planning, I’ve also been doodling.  Check it out:


One-of-a-Kind, hand pencilled cards.  No tracing.  No printing.  No planning… just pick up a pencil and see what happens!  Above is my version of a Bermuda Buttery.  Here’s a couple more:


Inspired by Lulu, of course!  Also:


These will be coming to Etsy soon!  Standard greeting card size, they will be $5.00 a piece and as I said ONE-OF-A-KIND!!!  Special requests will be welcomed, so if you have any ideas feel free to reach out to me via the website or through


Happy end-of-summer, my Friends!!

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