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Days I work from home, I’m so productive.  It’s nice, especially when completing paperwork, to be able to do so without interruptions.  But sometimes, I am tempted to fluff off and play instead.  Mostly because of Chloe.  The photo above was taken by me while sitting at my office desk.  This is Chloe’s “playtime?” face.  I see it often:

In this photo, the look is directed at my husband.

She may be laying down in this one, but she’s asking the same question.  This can go on for HOURS… Chloe is very persistent!  But sooner or later, she gets her way.

Here she is, playing so hard she needs a cool off!  She definitely takes her playtime very seriously.  Who says work and play can’t be one in the same?

Have a great week everyone and try not to work too hard!

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