Purpleheart Pin-Ups… Incognito

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Sometimes a gal just needs some time to herself.  While I didn’t realize it at the time, over the last year or so I’ve created an entire series of ladies who’d rather not be bothered with others:

I think “Pink Stripes” started it all.  Unless someone wants to hand her a martini, I think she’d rather NOT be bothered.

More recently, here’s a piece called, “Girl Talk”:

It’s so new, it’s not yet available.  BUT it’s coming soon, along with this, which still needs a name:

Despite it’s light color, I think this one definitely has a noir quality to it.  Perhaps, in the immortal words of Garbo, I’ll call it, “I Vant to Be Alone”.

Stay tuned as more updates come with the spring time weather.  It’s not yet spring here in Vermont, but will be SOON!!


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