Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

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Recently, my family took a nice vacation for a little R & R.  Boy, do we feel refreshed!

Sometimes, the best vacations for me are those which require very little planning and even less effort.  For that reason, one of our favorite getaways is my family’s camp on the other side of our beautiful state of Vermont.  It’s nothing but quiet fields and trails.  No cell phone service.  No internet.  Basically, paradise.

The dogs just love it.  Our home is in a slightly less rural atmosphere, so there isn’t so much “yard” for them to run in.  And roll in.  In fact, Rollin’ in the yard is Mazzy’s favorite. Observe:


You ain’t seen nothin’ yet…


But WAIT!  There’s more…


Actually, she’s just getting started!


Oh my…


Phew!  I think she’s finally winding down.


Now THIS is the look of a happy pup!


Incidentally, Mazzy isn’t the only one who enjoys vacation in the sweet outdoors.  I used the time to recharge and get ready to create new work for this fall’s art and craft fairs.  And just wait until you see how Chloe spends her time!


Stay tuned!

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