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I love this time of year for so many reasons.  Here in Vermont, Spring and Summer are both a little slow to start.  By the time the month of May rolls around, everyone has Spring Fever.

I love to run, and for me there’s nothing better than moving my daily run from indoors to outdoors once the weather is nice.  I enjoy running early in the morning when everything is quiet.  Often, all I hear are the sounds of my own breathing and the early birds.  I often see a bunny or two.  Sometimes I’m lucky enough this time of year to see a family of them!  And while I don’t see any baby birds, I know they’re out there.  Springtime newborns are my inspiration for this:

This was my very first attempt at a Sumi-e style painting.  I’ve always been fond of the East Asian Sumi-e style for it’s simplicity, where emphasis is placed on each individual brush stroke.  I was inspired by the tremendous amount of bravery and will a baby bird must possess to try flying for the very first time.  Yet they are so seemingly unaware of how amazing they are.  They have the Spirit, Strength, and perhaps most importantly, the Desire to succeed at this task and therefore at their own lives.  Such a remarkable accomplishment!  Truly inspirational for anyone faced with a challenge.


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