Spring Fever… in February

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Well, we’ve had quite the weather here in Vermont.

For those of you familiar with Vermont weather, you know Spring doesn’t start here until April or even May, some years.  That’s why everyone had Spring Fever this past week and weekend, with temperatures reaching 70 degrees!  Everyone was out driving with their windows open, music blasting.  Folks were walking, jogging, running down the street, smiling and happy.  All the snow we got just prior to this “heat wave”?  IT’S GONE!  Unless you’re up on the mountains, where they somehow, miraculously are able to continue making snow for the skiers and snowboarders.  Yes, skiing and snowboarding are AWESOME in warm weather, believe it or not.

I must admit I got a touch of the Fever myself as evidenced by this:

My cute little hula hula dancer will be appearing on Etsy shortly.  A small painting, 8″ x 10″, acrylic on canvas.  I just love her!  She makes me want to visit Bermuda again.  RIGHT NOW.

As is the saying here in Vermont (most of New England, in fact), if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes for it to change.  Yesterday was 70 degrees.  Today? 33 degrees.  The weather is NEVER boring here!


Ah well… I guess Spring won’t be making a true appearance for a little while yet…  Then again, you never know.  Next week might be 85 and sunny!


Have a great week, everyone!  Don’t forget to visit Etsy to purchase my Hula Girl and others!

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