“Starting Over”

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It’s a new year.  And this year, in many ways it truly is a “new Me” also.


Folks might have noticed I’ve not been posting for the last several months.  Over a year ago, I sustained an injury to my spine which at first did not impact my life tremendously.  But over time, the pain increased to the point where I was unable to do almost anything — play fetch with Chloe, take Mazzy for a walk, take myself for a run.  I couldn’t even paint without experiencing severe pain.

It took a long time for me to find the appropriate healthcare team, who listened to my reports of pain and finally provided me with a proper treatment regimen.  I am so thankful to the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other medical professionals who assisted me.

I rested for several months and began reintroducing my most favorite activities one at a time.  I am now so HAPPY to say I am pretty much feeling like my healthy ol’ self again!  I rested a little more throughout the holiday season — it’s so hard to begin projects during the holidays! — which gave me so much time to reflect on the painful and sometimes sad journey which was 2016. But when I began feeling better, I also had some great new ideas for artwork!

I have been using the first few weeks of the month of January, 2017 to experiment with some new paint techniques.  I can’t wait to share them with you, right here!

While I was not myself, my husband was so helpful.  I just wouldn’t have been able to make it through without him!  Here’s a great selfie we took, this summer during our vacation.  It was supposed to be an artist’s retreat for me, but with me unable to paint… well, it turned into something else.  A great time for some R & R.  I was able to hike once in a while, so here we are:

And of COURSE, I know everyone wants to hear about Mazzy and Chloe!!  They are doing great.  They had a great holiday season.  Here they are, in a pic taken just yesterday!

Here they are, just taking a little rest while I bake them some homemade doggie cookies in the kitchen.  They are waiting very patiently, as you can see!  And they’re just as adorable as ever.


Thanks so much for being patient with me.  I promise to show you some fabulous new work soon.  Until then, have a great winter and if you live in a place as cold as our Vermont is right now, STAY WARM!!!

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