Summertime Blues

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Right now in Vermont, we’re having a Heatwave.  95 degrees and humid.  It’s heaven for a gal who loves the beach.  Except…

We have NO BEACHES in Vermont.  Yup.  Landlocked.

Sure, we have lakes.  But they’re different.  A LOT different.  I have no idea how a chic who loves the ocean ended up here.  It’s a mystery to me.  And it’s definitely one of the reason why I love creating my own style of beach art:

This is a small sample of my collection.  My Hula Hula Girl has sold, but both Secret Spot and Lakeside Mountain are currently for sale in the Etsy store!

…and here’s a link to the print version of Secret Spot

Also available in print is my flirty Mermaid, who is also available as a greeting card!

“Red Umbrella” is my very FIRST try at watercolor, so I will be keeping the original.  BUT I will let you know when the print goes for sale later this season!

OHHHHH I love summer!  I need to get myself to the beach, and soon!   I can’t resist one more:

Sighhh…. she’s also sold, BUT check out the print, called “Beach Bather“, in the shop!


Happy Summer, Everyone!!!

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