Sunday Project

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Hello Everyone!

Well, it’s true: once in a while I need a little break from painting.  Recharge.  Fuel up.  So that’s when I break out my sewing machine.

I don’t know I’ll ever be good enough to sell the things I make with my machine.  But I LOVE making things for myself.  And even better, I’m able to take old, worn out items and repurpose them.  That’s what I did recently with these old sweaters of mine:

As you can see, it’s quite a haul.  Lots of bright colors.  And many of these are cashmere.  But they had holes here and there, so I couldn’t even donate them.  So I figured out a way to salvage the best parts of them:

Now I have a nice, bright, “New”, throw blanket.  It’s warm and SO SOFT, from all that cashmere.

Oh, I’ll be back to painting soon enough.  It’s kind of nice to take a little break once in a while, and NOW is the perfect time!  Once spring rolls around, the spring and summer shows begin… Fun, Fun, Fun!


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