Sweet Little Birds

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I’ve been getting ready for this year’s fall and holiday craft shows.  A best-seller for me is my miniature paintings, recreated as ornaments for a holiday tree, but many may be displayed all year long, such as these birds:

I’m not sure why, but birds are always very popular subjects.  And here in Vermont, folks are especially interested in our New England birds.

I think these little creatures are so well-loved because they are so hearty and hard-working.  They adapt to harsh winter elements and take care of their families, even in the worst winter weather.  And of course, they are so beautiful.  During a quiet, bleak winter day, when everything outside seems to be gray, it’s heart-warming to suddenly catch a glimpse of a bright red cardinal.

These will all soon be available in my Etsy store… stay tuned for links to each one!

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