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Happy Winter! Here in Vermont, winter is very, very LONG.  For snow-lovers, it’s a great thing.  But even folks who love it need a little reminder now and then that warm days will return.  I think this sentiment is the reason why I’ve been doing a lot of abstract florals … Read More

Sweet Little Birds

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I’ve been getting ready for this year’s fall and holiday craft shows.  A best-seller for me is my miniature paintings, recreated as ornaments for a holiday tree, but many may be displayed all year long, such as these birds: I’m not sure why, but birds are always very popular subjects.  … Read More

Winter Wonderland!!

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Hello Everyone,  If you are in New England, especially Vermont, then you know winter has fully and unapologetically arrived!  It’s a great excuse to stay inside, warm and toasty, and paint some new creations.  Here’s a glimpse at my latest works, soon to be available on Etsy:     This … Read More

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