Winter Wonderland!!

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Hello Everyone,  If you are in New England, especially Vermont, then you know winter has fully and unapologetically arrived!  It’s a great excuse to stay inside, warm and toasty, and paint some new creations.  Here’s a glimpse at my latest works, soon to be available on Etsy:



This is acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 18″, unframed.  I call it simply, “Snowbirds”.  Here’s some of it’s details:

This is a detail of the cardinal flying in from the right top corner.  Here’s another detail, of the bottom left:

And a couple more, just for fun:


Here’s another completed work; as you can see, winter birds make a strong impact upon me:

The work above is smaller; 8″ x 6″ acrylic on canvas board, unframed.  I call it, “Protector”.

OK, here’s one more.  As you can tell, despite the beautiful snow, I’m looking ahead to spring:


I haven’t named this one yet, I might just keep it simple and call it something like “On the Farm”…  not sure, though.  This one is a 12″ x 16” acrylic on canvas, also unframed.


All appearing on Etsy soon…   where ever you are, enjoy the outdoors and stay warm, dry, safe… whichever adjective works for your neck of the woods!




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