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As you may already know if you follow the blog, last year I became a member of Chaffee Art Center in my town of Rutland, Vermont.  I feel so lucky, and honored, to be their Artist of the Month!  Visit the post here !

When I applied last year as a member and artist, I was so scared!  I’d done several private sales and crafts fairs, but had never applied to an actual gallery.  I almost didn’t do it!  But my wonderful husband, who always encourages me and is my biggest cheerleader in everything said, “Do it!”  So I did and now I have an entire group of artist friends who support me and each other.  It’s such a great feeling!  Here are some close ups of the photos above:

This one’s titled, “independence Day”, for more than one reason.  If you look closely, you’ll figure it out!

Above is “Five ‘o’ Clock Beach.  And finally:

“Red Umbrella”.  I feel a little sentimental about this one, because it’s the very first watercolor I ever attempted, so I’m kind of attached to it.  I was sorta happy that it didn’t sell, because it’s special to me.

As we move towards fall, I am getting ready to paint fall scenes, a favorite subject.  And who knows? Maybe some of them will end up at the Chaffee later this year!

Happy End-of-Summer, Everyone!





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